A Better Way with Predictive Maintenance

Your equipment is a critical part of your business and you want to keep it in operation. At Harmony we believe a predictive maintenance program can have a profound financial and operational impact.

Cut Maintenance Costs
Cut Maintenance Costs

up to 25%

Reduce Equipment Downtime
Reduce Equipment Downtime

up to 50%

Minimize Breakdowns
Minimize Breakdowns

up to 50%

Lessen Preventitive Maintenance Hours

50% – 70%

Predict Future Failings
Monitor equipment condition 24/7 automatically, minimizing unplanned repair work.

Trend Anaylsis
Visualize important trends from historical and real time attribute data.

Alerting for System Failures
Receive alerts via SMS, email, or local in real time for systems in an error state

Prioritize Resources
Direct labor resources to the equipment with the highest liklihood of failure based on sensor data

Harmony in the Field

“Before Harmony my guys had to remove the housing quarterly just to check on the machinery. It was a half a day job. Now we physically check the equipment when we see the health deterioriating in the system. Its a much better use of our time.”

How it Works

The predictive maintenance program gathers vibration, temperature, movement, and electrical attributes to give you a complete picture of your equipments performance and health status.

Sensors are chosen and equiped depending on the environment and data required
During operation real-time performance data is gathered and transmitted to the Harmony Cloud
Harmony utilizes machine learning to deliver actionable insights, alerting, and custom reports to the end user

Ready to Talk About Predictive Maintenance?

Request a demo and let us show you how a condition monitoring program can cut costs and improve operational efficiency.